Junk and Disorderly

Vintage restorer Henry Cole and mechanical genius Sam Lovegrove hit the autojumble scene buying anything automotive, doing it up and seeing if they can flip it for a profit.


Vintage restorer Henry Cole and his best mate Sam Lovegrove, a mechanical genius, are back on the memorabilia merry-go-round, challenging themselves to make money out of buying and selling other people’s automotive junk and classic collectibles. From auctions and autojumbles to sheds and country shows, the pair scour the country meeting  a deluge of colourful characters on a quest to hunt out the very best deals on offer. Once back in the shed, they’ll try to add value to their purchases with a little bit of resto and as always whilst Sam gets to work, Henry will stick the kettle on!  It’s then back to an autojumble at the end of the episode to try and sell their wares and see if the pair can make a tidy profit or if all of their hard work has gone down the drain?