Find It Fix It Flog It

Find It Fix It Flog It sees restorer and champion of the British Heritage Movement Henry Cole and his upcycling genius best mate Simon O’Brien rummaging about in Britain’s sheds, outbuildings, lock-ups and barns for people’s unwanted clutter that they can turn into cash for them.    Simon and his upcycling sidekick Gemma love repurposing everyday objects destined for the skip into things of beauty for the home.   For Henry and his expert mechanic Allen the joy comes from finding retro relics and pieces of British heritage that need restoring and bringing back to former glories.   Henry & Simon may have their differences but buckets of elbow grease and some creative thinking means they almost always come good in the end and turn a tidy profit for the item’s owners.   Henry & Simon will be put on the spot at the end of each episode as their handy work is looked over by a professional valuer.   Put simply their success or failure can be measured by how much profit they have made for the contributors... Find it, Fix it, Flog it is a hit Channel Four Daytime series scooping the Best Daytime Programme of the Year at the prestigious Royal Television Awards where the judges deeming it a ‘stand-out success in its category’.